What exactly is Printing Money?

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Well, perhaps the name is deceiving, because this concept is not only centered around money, but around sports. We love watching and dissecting sports: mainly college football and basketball, the NFL and NBA, with some baseball, hockey, soccer and other sports mixed in. We love it so much that in much of our spare time we bet on sports, and in the short time we have been doing so appear to be quite good at it. We use a combination of quantitative (i.e. metrics) and qualitative (watching the games) reasoning, which has served us well so far, but we also hope to gain a stronger quantitative and qualitative understanding of the sports we cover over time. We’ll share our bets and our thinking with those who care to listen, as well as our thoughts about sports more broadly. We might be awful at this, but if stay disciplined and work hard at it, I think there’s a chance we might be quite good. So, for now on we’ll share everything and keep track of our performance, so you can decide for yourself if we are worthy of being followed. Cheers.


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